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Can The Washington Wizards Win The Eastern Conference? (10 votes)
6 (60%)
4 (40%)
<<Bad Beat Books

The Following Sportsbooks and Casinos have had problems in the past. These Sportsbooks are not Recommended or Endorsed by Sportsbook101.com
We suggest that you stay away from these establishments for the time being

  2 for 1 Sportsbook
  2001 Sports
  21st Century
  Aces Gold-(Appears to be having some finance isssues, smaller limits, cut neteller, other books ceasing transfers with them, etc.)
UPDATE-Aces Gold has closed shop.
  Ace in the hole
  Action Sports Wagering
  All American Sports
  Alladins Gold-(Having some finance isssues)
Update-closed down by the Antigua Gaming Commission because of Financial problems.
  Allied Sports
  Arizona Sportsbook
  Beat The Odds
  Best Bet Sports
  BetWorldWide-(See Playersbet below for full details)
  Big Sportsbook
  Blue Sea Casino
  Bring Me Luck Sports-(Slow Payers)
  Carribean Sports
  Caribi-No longer in business
  Casino Depot
  Casino Kingdom
  Casino Sports
  Casino Toronto
  Cayman Sportsbook
  Charities Sportsbook
  Crown Interel
  CyberSportsbook-Stiffed a Player out of $8500
  Dial A Bet
  Easy Bets-(Reports about slow pays to no pays have been mounting up with this book)
  EZ Bets
  Empire Sports
  Espnbets-(Stiffed at least 1 player, website down, phones disconnected)
  Espnwagers-(Owned by Espnbets see above)
  E-Vegas Casino
  Fair Deal Sports-Stiffed an Australian player of out $80,000
  Fiji Sportsbook
  First Live Casino
  Five Card Charlie-See Fair Deal Sports above
  Fortress International
  Golden 7 Casino
  Golden Bets
  Golden Palace
  Golden Wager
  Grand Central Sports-Stiffed some players, Owners Involved in Ripping off Senior Citizens in the USA before opening their sportsbook, Slow Paying many players as of now, Looking for someone to buy them out.
  Grand Holiday
  Inet Sportsbook
  I-Casino-See I-Sportsbook
  I-GamingClub-See I-Sportsbook
  I-Sportsbook-Stiffed this website out of $1250
  Kings Bet
  Kings Club
  Lucky's Casino and Sportsbook
  Magic Oasis Casino
  Metro Gaming
  OSG Sports-(Owned By Bring Me Luck Sports)
  Paradise Sports
  Paradise Sportsbook
  Paramount Sports
  Place That Bet
  Playboy Sportsbook
  Players Fortune Casino
  PlayersBet-(BetWorldWide owns this book) This book is slow paying many bettors. For some players it's taking 6 installments to get all of their money. For others they are still waiting. One player can't even get his deposit back as they refuse to hit the send button on their paypal account.
  Playhorizon.com (not the same as bethorizon.com)
  Pyramidcasino.net (not the same as Pyramidcasino.com)
  Queen of Lust
  Quick Pay Sports
  Rated Player Casino
  Royal Canadain Sports-(Owned by Espnbets-see above)
  Sports International
  Sports Bettors Paradise
  Sports Net Bet
  Sports Stats
  Sport Tips USA
  Sports Wager 2000
  Sports Six Lotto
  TNT Sportsbook-Stiffed many bettors and rumored to have opened a new sportsbook
  The Gambler
  Two for One Sports
  Universal Sports
  Vegas Palace
  Video Las Vegas